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Pilates Benefits

The main benefits of Pilates

Joseph Pilates created what he called Contrology to address specific health issues he had suffered from as a child. The original exercises have since been adapted by subsequent generations but the 6 principles remain the same. Breath, Concentration, Control, Centre, Precision and Flow. If there is one principle that rules them all then, it must surely be Breath. Without a full understanding of Breathing, we will struggle with any Pilates movement. Our key Pilates benefits are as follows:

  • Enhances body awareness 

  • Increased lung capacity and circulation through lateral breathing

  • Increased strength, muscular tone and flexibility

  • Better balance and coordination

  • Reduced risk of injury related to muscular imbalance

  • Improved stress management

  • Improved balance and muscular strength across the body

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Why TriFit?

Suitable for everyone

Cost effective plans 

Proven results

15 Years Experience

Holistic approach

Multiple locations

Neutral Spine

We practice this at the start of every Pilates session, it's a key skill that helps prevent injury and enhances your overall mobility.

1. Feet hip width
2. Big toes either side of centre
3. Knees off-lock - our weight needs to go on muscles not joints
4. Pelvic Floor engaged 
5. Hips are tucked under you - we really mean keep you bum tucked in
6. Tummy is held in tight - we keep tummy flat when breathing too
7. Deep breathing - keep chest down
8. Shoulders in back pockets - so we open up the chest 
9. Chin up - especially important for taller people
10. Eyes looking at the horizon - this encourages the chin to stay up
11. Shoulders relaxed - lengthening through the neck is key to relaxing

Harrow Gateway

Personal Training

Saturday Pilates

A holistic approach to fitness for everyone

It's inspiring to see so many people deciding to become fitter, but how fit are you really getting? If you focus on just one area, such as jogging, lifting weights in the gym or swimming, you might not be making the best progress in your fitness journey

We at TriFit believe in engaging and challenging the three core areas of fitness - Strength, Stability & Stamina, only when you challenge the body across this spectrum of exercise can you be TriFit. To help us all achieve our goals we think exercise should be fun, perhaps even a social event, a pause in your daily routine, and a chance to spend time focusing on you.

Our classes are designed to be inclusive events where we mingle and make friends. We believe physical and mental wellness go hand in hand.

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